Professional Packing Company for Packing Boxes Using Professional Packers and Movers

Export Packers, Domestic and International Packing is one of the best Professional Packing Companies in the industry. We only hire highly professional packers and movers. We offer only flat rate quotes for all services provided, as well as pictures illustrating exactly how your items will look before, during and after your move. We provide these in our picture gallery so you can see how professional our services truly are. For instance, in the case of packing boxes and all other services, we take the utmost care with your items by wrapping, re-wrapping, padding and safely packing everything in the most efficient and effective way to ensure the security of your valuables. We employ only professional packers and movers to handle all of your packing and moving services.

At, we use only quality materials when packing houses, offices, or any other facility you may require. We follow the same process when packing boxes. Our flat rate quotes include everything from our Professional Packers and Movers performing the services to all materials used, as well as the time it takes to complete the job. is a professional packing company. You can rest assured that the flat rate quote quote we provide will not change from start to finish, the price we quote you is the one you will pay. adheres to a strict code of professionalism as a packing company.

We provide pack and ship services. As a professional packing company, our professional packers and movers get the job done right on-site nationwide. Our staff is extremely well-trained, very friendly, and uses the highest level of care when packing boxes and other house packing services. That's the reason why we have become one of the top names in the moving services industry over the past ten years. Our commitment to excellence is second-to-none and our employees convey the type of professionalism one would expect from a company that you trust with the safety of your valuables. 

Remember,'s professional packers and movers have the highest level of training in safely and efficiently Packing Boxes and unpacking your goods. Our pack and load services are well-known throughout the the industry. Our Company name means everything to us as we want our customers to rest assured knowing that their packing and moving experience will be stres-free and the quote provided will be the one you wind up paying. 

Keep in mind, for all jobs involving packing boxes, packing houses, or packing containers, our professional employees will always treat every customer with the same level of importance and respect. Our flat rate quotes are guaranteed for each service provided; with no hidden fees, no extra charges, no misunderstandings, and no time charges of any. We do not provide estimates as they are subject to change and our flat rate quotes are not. 

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"Great! very professional and patient! everything was packed quickly and in an efficient manner"
Marsha and Jim Hajduk
P. 954.594.0077
Packing and Loading Job
Used our services: 2 time(s)
"Good timely arrival & fast, efficient work, Packing Services, Inc. employees have obviously done this a time or two before, Good crew!"
John Bosman
P. 407.744.4621
Packing and Loading Job.
"Very professional service provided from all there men, I would highly recommend this service. Thank you"
Robert Courtny Peloquin
P. 941.321.1895
Packing and Loading Job.
Used our services: 3 time(s)